Academic Writing Solutions: the 10 Best Wuthering Heights Essay Topics

At some point in your academic career, you’re probably going to find yourself reading the classics. From The Odyssey to Pride and Prejudice to Lord of the Flies, some books are so good that we keep reading them, and teachers keep teaching them. One of those books is Emily Bronte’s epic saga of love, Wuthering Heights. Before there was Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black, there was Catherine Earnshaw, Edgar Linton, and the dark and complicated Heathcliff.

Whether or not you liked Wuthering Heights, if you read it in class you’re probably going to have to write an essay about it. After all, that’s why you’re in school: not just to read the classics, but to really think about them and show that you can analyze them thoughtfully. That means that when it comes time to write an essay, you can’t just summarize the book. After all, the only thing that proves is that you can read Sparknotes! What your teacher will be looking for is that you can understand the larger concepts of the book, and apply them in a way that says something about life as a whole, or literature as a whole. How can you best illustrate your ability to really understand a text, inside and out? The first step is to choose a topic for your essay that shows you can think about the deeper themes and elements of the text. That can be kind of tough, so here are 10 essay topics from My Homework Done for Wuthering Heights that will set you up for long-term success!

  1. How do the two manor houses help to illustrate the conflict within the book?
  2. Wuthering Heights has two central themes: love and revenge. Write about how the two themes intertwine throughout the novel.
  3. Profile Edgar Linton. You can write about his motivations, his comparison to Heathcliff, and his role in Catherine’s life.
  4. How does Catherine’s love for Edgar compare to her love for Heathcliff?
  5. Does Wuthering Heights have a trustworthy narrator?
  6. How does social class play a role in the events that take place throughout the novel? What about in Catherine’s motivations?
  7. How does the landscape reflect the mood and themes of the novel?
  8. Did Catherine marry Edgar for his social status, or out of true love?
  9. Why does Edgar watch on helplessly while Heathcliff woos his wife?
  10. Discuss Nelly’s story, and how it illuminates the novel’s inner meanings.

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