Short Guide To Creating A Strong 4th Grade Opinion Essay About Diet

It is never too early to learn how to eat properly. Children at a young age need to know what foods are correct to eat and which ones should not be eaten. Moderation must also be taught to younger students. The 4th grade is the perfect time to have the students write an opinion paper about diet. Use our tips and suggestions.

Short Guide on Diet Paper for Younger Students

  • Keep it simple-the student should not write about a hundred facets of diet, a simple idea will be best. Maybe the child could write about sugars and discuss the difference between good and bad sugars in the composition. Giving examples is a great way to stress the paper’s points.

  • Look at snacks-kids at this age like to snack, so a paper which gives the best snacks to eat and the reasons why would make for a great composition at this grade level, it can be informative and a lot of fun

  • Talk about moderation- sometimes eating properly means knowing about moderation. Kids can be informed about what moderation is and what it is not. This would be a very good thing for young people to write about in the paper.

  • Include some easy recipes-once the kids know about moderation, sugars, and snacks, then recipes can be included. It sounds odd to put them in this style of paper, but these examples make for a great paper. The idea of showing not just telling makes for a very good piece and can convince the audience to agree with your points.

  • Watch the vocabulary-the vocabulary words concerning eating properly could get confusing for the students as they write. Therefore, it might help for the teacher to give the kids a list of vocabulary and terms as they begin the research process. The power of knowing what these words mean will make the entire process easier for the students.

  • Research-this is a good time to show students what a good research source is and how to use it in a paper. The students should be given models of main ideas with credible sources for them to follow as they write their own piece. A template could also be sued for proper guidance. A good model and a template can make a world of difference in this style of paper.

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