How To Make Your Synthesis Essay Shine: Practical Advice

Often synthesis writing is mistaken for summary writing which is not so. The art of synthesis writing is recreating new and insightful essay from a given set of sources and essays on the same or related topics. You gather the best of information on a certain topic from various legitimate sources and write your own essay “synthesizing” this information. The ability to write good synthesis depends on your natural skill and ability to analyze two different sources and make an insightful observation sighting connection between them and backing up your observation with proper justification.

Before you start with your synthesis, there are certain tips provided by writers, that you should keep in mind to enrich your synthesis in every ways:

  • The choice of your topic: Choose a topic that is broad enough so that you can find several source materials to compare contrast and relate on the topic. If you are already provided with a prescribed list from where you have to choose, study the topics and choose the one with maximum scope.
  • Seek materials that are authentic and relatable to your topic: Stick to the topic you have chosen and choose materials that will be suitable for the argument of the point you want to make.
  • For example, your chosen topic is influence of supernatural elements on literature, pick up literary sources where the supernatural device has been amply exploited along with separate books on insights on supernatural occurrences.
  • Be well versed in the materials you are using: Thoroughly read the source materials you are using so that you can easily locate connections between texts. The more well versed you will be with your materials the more likely you are to find connections.
  • Make notes: Make notes of the observations and connection you find and also the immediate reasoning that you can think of in support of your work.
  • Make an outline or rough draft or your essay: Draw an outline of how you are going to assemble your work. Ideally the most organized synthesis begins with a brief introduction followed by the topic of discussion where you should assimilate your sources such that the point you want to make is crystal clear from your writing.

The best synthesis is the one without spelling and grammar errors and yet at the same time to-the-point on the respective topic. You should also include the bibliography of the works cited at the end which gives an overall completion to the whole essay.

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