How to Write an Exploratory Essay Properly: Things to Remember

An exploratory essay is a type of academic paper that differs from other works you have to write while studying. There is no need to state your thesis or raise an argument in it. All you have to do is to explore a matter given in the topic of your paper. While it can be confusing for some students, there is nothing very difficult about it. Follow the tips given below to learn basics of exploratory essay writing.

  1. Always move on.
  2. When exploring your matter, you shouldn’t stick to one idea. An exploratory paper gives you the privilege of moving from one question to another during your research. Remember that you don’t have to prove anything, but rather explore as much as you can in this essay. Consider your paper as a diary in which you describe your actions and explain their meaning to readers.

  3. Connect these questions to a major topic.
  4. In discussing different matters in your paper, you mustn’t forget that you have a main topic, after all. Make sure that all questions you raise are somehow connected to a common theme. To succeed, try to divide your main topic into smaller components and explore them. Otherwise, readers will see only a conglomeration of various thoughts that barely relate to each other.

  5. Structure your essay properly.
  6. Begin your exploratory paper with an unknown question. You should explain the question to readers in the introduction. In the body of your paper, it’s necessary to examine and discuss various components of this question. Try to look at the question from different angles and discuss various opinions related to this matter. In the conclusion, you should answer this question somehow or discuss a number of solutions that seem appropriate.

  7. Let readers follow you.
  8. As there is no pronounced thesis statement in an exploratory paper, you don’t have to raise any arguments. When reading your essay, people should follow your thoughts related to the main topic and come to the same conclusion in the end.

  9. Choose a side.
  10. You can’t be neutral when it comes to solving a main issue. Based on your research, you have to choose only one side that seems right to you. Often, topics of exploratory papers contain contradictory opinions. Do your best to explore a fine solution. If you find a great solution and can explain how you came to it properly, you’ll certainly have a high score.

If you remember these tips, it won’t be difficult for you to write your own exploratory essay on any topic.

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