Easy Cause And Effect Essay Topics: 25 Fresh Suggestions

A cause and effect essay is a popular format for academic writing because you can examine many subjects by identifying such a relation. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to understand what causes something or what effects one thing has on another. On the contrary, some topics may be tricky so that you will spend plenty of time describing a complex cause and effect relationship. The following advice will help you pick up an easy topic idea for your assignment.

Selecting a Simple Essay Topic to Write About

To complete your paper quickly, you should select a topic that you are familiar with so that you will have a basic understanding of the subject. It’s a good idea to revise your former works to find an idea that you consider interesting or get a sample that you can follow. Good samples are available on the websites of your course, school’s library, and writing lab. You can also find some fresh topic suggestions online or study the list below.

Considering Sample Assignment Topic Ideas

The following list contains optimistic, skeptic, environmental, relationships, culture, and some other essay prompts interesting to write about:

  1. Educational games can help students get higher grades.
  2. A mobile phone improves family relations.
  3. Social media networks can boost communication skills.
  4. Long distance dating relationships are doomed to failure.
  5. Sibling rivalry is caused by the parents’ attitude.
  6. Obesity is the result of a fast food boom in the U.S.
  7. Risk of heart attacks is increasing in the big cities due to the lack of physical activity.
  8. The natural greenhouse effect is caused by water vapor.
  9. The growth of malaria is due to the global temperature increase.
  10. Many people suffer from inaccurate weather forecasts.
  11. Employment of both parents brings misunderstandings with children.
  12. A friendship is based on effective communication.
  13. Kid’s behavior depends on the parents’ role models.
  14. Learning foreign languages improves cognitive abilities and memory.
  15. The world of fashion promotes unhealthy diets.
  16. The behavior of the housewives is affected by reality shows.
  17. Doing homework has a positive effect on exam scores.
  18. Classical music helps students study effectively.
  19. A healthy sleep improves cognitive abilities.
  20. Hormonal changes cause mood swings.
  21. Sense of humor improves working relations.
  22. The technologies change the way people travel.
  23. Biking is healthier than driving a car.
  24. Sports help teens increase their confidence.
  25. People avoid vaccination because of possible side effects.

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