Narrative V/S Expository Essay: Writing Guidelines For Newbies

Newcomers always look for easy assignments; feeling they have a fundamental right towards getting something convenient so they can gain experience. It is after all human nature to look for shade even under the proverbial coconut tree.

Two poignant directions

Talking about essays, you may begin with two prominent kinds; the narrative kind and expository kind. Their treatment, handling; insertions, processing all require different methods. Here are some significant guidelines in these two directions

The narrative kind

  • This needs to be written in the first person mode. It naturally follows that you should place personal experience in sync with the topic. The more personable you become; the more loving your piece would be.
  • You should not however be prejudicial while handling emphatic portions of the piece. Your perspectives should be driven by logic rather than personal grudges or satisfaction.
  • You should invoke curiosity straightaway into the readers with a crisp writing prompt. You should relate to the topic directly and then grow from strength to strength through the succeeding paragraphs.
  • You should etch a smart conclusion that defines the ideal way to tackle the topical theme. It may be that you yourself failed to do so in real life; as you place in the narrative, but the readers should get the clue clearly.
  • Keep the writing style user-friendly and evocative.

The expository kind

  • You should garner all the resident facts in context of the topic. You should not appear half-enlightened while tackling the theme.
  • You should present the data in an objective way, without being judgmental about the same. Let the readers make their decisions; just offer them the thrust.
  • You should make an endeavor to find some interesting trivia about the topic; so the reader can gain more about it. He will also look forward to more articles on the topic, creating a sequential scheme.
  • Your conclusion should be assertive without any doubts plaguing it. You should take care to synthesize the perspectives of learned men in the relevant field.
  • Keep the writing style strong yet humane. There should be elementary points of interest strewn in for the readers.

Bound by parameters

Since these are essays, you are bound by the rules of structure and precinct. You should stay within the parameters and stick to instructions. You should gather whatever you can about the topic before taking it on.

Remain positive and engaged while writing these pieces. You should inculcate the goodness and analytical regime from these starting snippets of your academic life.

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