How to Buy an Essay without Getting Caught: 5 Tips to Consider

Just as the sale of intimate acts is most likely the oldest of professions, the sale of academic writing may be one of the earliest professions of a scholastic nature. It is a very human trait to attempt to gain credit with as little effort as possible. The need to buy an essay may arise due to many legitimate reasons as well as illegitimate ones. Regardless, here are 5 tips to consider if you plan to take that route without being caught.

  1. Know and trust your buyer
  2. If you choose to purchase an essay from someone in your class or anyone else who has access to the person grading you, that puts them in a position of power. They can quite easily blackmail you into paying for their silence long after the exchange is made.

  3. Be certain of the product’s quality
  4. This is necessary not just for the obvious reasons of maintaining a good standard of work. If a straight D student hands in a flawless paper, eyebrows will raise and questions will be asked. Make sure that what you submit is good work, but believably so. Request a few of your tell-tale errors be included if this will add to the realism.

  5. Consider your timeline
  6. If your teacher or lecturer is aware of your busy schedule and you submit within an impossible timeframe, this can bring your work under scrutiny that you don’t need. Ask around to find out if your classmates all need extensions and even if you’ve already acquired your paper, pretend to need one too. This makes you seem less suspicious.

  7. Don’t brag about it
  8. Some people automatically understand how fortunate they were not to be caught in the first place. Others feel compelled to complicate matters by explaining what they’ve done and how to people who should not be told. It is far too simple for this information to end up in the wrong hands. Keep your cards close to your chest.

  9. If at all possible…just write it yourself
  10. If the thought of being caught upsets you too much, just write the essay yourself. You will benefit academically from making the effort and thought your grades may not end up as good, you will have the benefit of learning more than you knew before.

These tips are mere suggestions and you may choose not to follow them but that decision and its consequences rest squarely on your own shoulders.

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