Helpful Tips For Writing A Cause And Effect Essay About Smoking

Do you need to complete an essay about smoking in the form of cause an effect, but are not sure how to approach the project? There is a variety of things that you can do, but if you want to have a great shot at reaching the top grade then you should read the rest of this article. There is some great advice that you can implement right away. With that thought in mind, read on for some vital advice on how to create a cause and effect essay about smoking:

What is a cause and effect piece?

This type of project is concerned with the reason for why certain things happen. So for example on the topic of smoking you could explore the reasons for why some people get cancer from smoking, and why others are lucky enough to not get it.

You have to be aware of the fact that there are many different projects that have already been completed on this subject matter. Therefore, you have to be very careful about the fact that you don’t complete a project that has already been done.

How to select a topic

There are a variety of ways that a topic can be selected, and these include to following methods:

  • Familiar: if you are familiar with a topic related to smoking then you could write about that. For example, if you smoke and had some personal experiences, or if there has been a death in the family due to smoking.
  • Research: you have to select a topic there is plenty of research material that can be found, otherwise it will be taught to complete. There are many places online where you can find good quality info for any given topic on smoking.
  • Modern: you should select a topic that is modern, because that will ensure that you are able to engage the reader. If your topic is old then it will not be that interesting and you might lose marks simply for that reason.

The advice given in this article are just some of the tips to consider when trying to come up with a cause and effect essay about smoking. As you being the process of working on it you should discover some more.

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