Coming Up with Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: a List of Ideas

Choosing a great essay topic for your comparison essay can be tough. You need to think of a unique topic while keeping in mind that these need to give space for comparison. If you think of a strong topic but it does not provide enough space for comparison then your efforts will be in vain. It is very important for you to choose an engaging topic because you need to hook your readers at this point. If the topic of your essay seems boring and repetitive then you will never be able to engage your audience. You need to build curiosity and make your readers want more.

This article will show top most topics you can use for your compare and contrast essay and use them to create your own interesting topic

Compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Compare the life spent in an eastern society to that of a liberal nation. Which one do you think is better?
  2. Is it better for students to go to co-education schools or join separate schooling systems?
  3. Explain the similarities and differences between the Britain law and constitution with that of Hong Kong
  4. Compare and contrast the effects of technological advancements on human race?
  5. Show the differences between school and college life friends
  6. Describe the similarities and differences between web and graphic designing and their scope in the international market
  7. Show the similarities and differences between children brought up in poor domestic conditions and those who have well off families
  8. Compare and contrast the fresh water life with marine life
  9. Compare the effects of air pollution and noise pollution on human productivity
  10. Compare the addiction caused by smoking with that of drinking coffee or eating a chocolate
  11. Compare the life of an optimistic person with that of a pessimist
  12. Compare and contrast the life of a teenage boy with that of teenage girls
  13. What are the similarities between super heroes the world has seen so far?
  14. Describe the differences and similarities between our planet Earth and Mars
  15. Show the differences as well as similarities between Hollywood and Bollywood movies

It is not necessary that all these topics mentioned here are relevant to your subjects and interests; you can understand the structure and format by looking at these topics and then create your own.

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