Advantages Of Modern Technology


The modern age is an age where modern technology is forever changing. The changes in modern technology are designed to make our lives easier in the work place and at home creating better lives for everyone to enjoy. Technology is forever changing and people are left wanting the latest technology in the work place and at home creating a consumer society that is forever looking to change and to improve.


Modern technology in the home has made and continually makes it quicker and easier to complete house-hold chores such as washing and keeping the home clean and tidy. Machines that have helped cut down the time of house-work include:

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Hoovers

With less time needed to keep the home clean and tidy, housework is no longer an occupation in itself allowing more and more people to earn a living. These technological developments are expensive and a decent income is needed to keep up to date with all the latest technology.


Modern technology is changing the way that people are able to work. Computers and their software are becoming more and more portable every day. The technology for the office now means that people are not confined to one place to work but are able to carry their work around wherever they go. This allows many more workers to work from home than they were able to when equipment was too big to carry. Portable gadgets for work include:

  • Lap-tops
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones

The advances of mobile technology means that many mothers are able to work and look after the house and family. This has also helped equality issues for men and women are now able to work and keep a family.


Modern technology is not only working to improve our lives but it is also helps to keep people alive for longer. Many machines are able to detect medical issues and diagnose patients more reliably than human detection alone. Modern technology that is found in hospitals include:

  • Tablets for mobile results
  • Emails get results passed quicker
  • Scanners are able to give close detail of all parts of the body
  • Ventilators helps patients breath when they cannot breath alone

These modern technologies mean that diagnosis and treatment are able to reach the patient quickly and effectively and often saves lives.


Modern technology is a science that is forever changing to bring a better quality of life to many people. Technology in the house and work place means that work is now portable and keeping a job and family can be done at the same. Technology is also helping to save lives and helps us remain healthy and extending our life span.

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