How to Make a Professor Believe that a Custom Essay Was Written by You

Turning in a custom essay can be stressful for the student. If they have had the same professor before, their teacher is already familiar with their writing style. An essay that is drastically better or worse than the student's writing can end up getting spotted by the professor. Once the professor is suspicious of an essay, they may send it through plagiarism software to see if it is the student's work. To prevent this scenario from occurring, students should use some of the following tips.

A+ Papers Are Not Always the Best

It seems counter-intuitive, but students may want to buy a B or C+ paper. If they have received low grades in the past, the teacher may not believe that they are suddenly able to write a perfect essay. At the beginning of the quarter, students may start out by buying a B paper. With each essay, they can increase the quality level until they ultimately are buying A-quality essays. A slower learning curve is more believable for the professor.

Check it Through Plagiarism Software

If the student is worried about getting in trouble for plagiarism, they can mitigate the danger by doing a plagiarism check on their own. Many free essay websites use papers that would come up in an Internet search. Likewise, paid websites that are unethical may sell the same paper to multiple students. Students should always check their paper for any plagiarism before they turn it in.

Change the Essay Around

Each person has unique speech patterns and vocabularies. Students should always read through the essay before they turn it in. To make it seem like their own writing, the student may want to change around some of the phrasing so that it sounds like their writing style. Additionally, students should remove or look up vocabulary words that they are unfamiliar with. If the student does not know what the word means, it should not be included.

Learn the Information

When someone writes an essay, they spend a significant amount of time reading or researching the topic. This research is apparent when the student asks questions in class or joins in the classroom discussion. When the student is unfamiliar with the subject matter, it shows. Instead of just turning in the essay, students should take time to read it. They should gain a quick understanding of the topic so that the teacher believes that they actually did the research.

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