12 Unique Topics For Informative Essays For College Students

The purpose of the informative essay is to inform your readers. The nice thing about an assignment like this is that you have a great deal of leeway in what your topic can be. You can make it something playful such as informing the reader of the cheapest places to vacation or the best places to get a taco after ten at night. You can also make it something historical or something serious such as an informative essay on a person or event in history. You have the freedom to craft nearly anything that fits within the details of your course, your assignment, and your requirements.

It is also best that you pick something you already know a bit about. If you know a bit about the topic already, that will give you better direction for selecting your thesis, and it will help you to reduce the amount of background information you need to find. Knowing a bit about the topic already will help you to form a foundation of rudimentary knowledge from which you can develop more precise questions you want to answer or problems you want to solve.

If you are tasked with writing an informative essay, there are many different topics from which to choose. You might consider the 12 different options below:

  1. Write an informative paper on global warming
  2. Craft an informative paper on the risks of texting and driving
  3. Write an informative paper on vegetarianism
  4. Draft an informative paper on smoking
  5. Write an informative paper on computer viruses
  6. Write an informative paper on teenage pregnancy
  7. Craft an informative paper on the Titanic and recent research into what global factors caused the sinking
  8. Craft an informative paper on the harmful effects brought about by deforestation
  9. Write an informative paper about a particular period of art in history
  10. Write an informative paper that follows the different generals in the Civil War
  11. Write an informative paper about the various types of cancer and what treatment methods are available today for each
  12. Draft an informative essay that focuses on famous speeches given by historical figures in history

Make sure that the topic is something that you can adequately cover in the span of pages you have been allotted for the assignment. Do not be afraid to narrow down the first topic you want to choose.

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