12 Interesting Process Analysis Essay Topics for College

When you choose a topic for a process analysis essay, you need to consider your audience first. Write about something they will definitely be interested in. The process in question may not be really complex and exciting, but the results provided by your analysis must be relevant to your readers. Here are a few prompts you can use:

  1. How to have an affordable vacation.
  2. The tips you provide in this paper must be really helpful, so it’s best to gather information through surveys so you can learn what people really use to achieve this goal.

  3. How to get rid of your roommate without committing murder.
  4. This topic is very important for many college students. A paper like this will also get you some extra credit for humor involved. However, you need to keep the whole paper lighthearted and comical to make a good impression.

  5. How to amuse yourself when you have the flu.
  6. This is a practical topic, but you can show off some of your creativity and originality by developing outlandish pastimes available to those who are weakened by the disease.

  7. How to lose weight without harming your health in the process.
  8. Be sure to consider medical sides of the issue and explain why people with certain conditions must consult a doctor before making any attempts at weight loss.

  9. How to make best party foods.
  10. In essence, this process analysis essay will be a collection of recipes. Your main task is to find foods that are easy to make and affordable.

  11. How to plan a perfect weekend getaway with your girlfriend/boyfriend on a budget.
  12. Do some thorough research and personally visit the spots you will suggest in your paper. Offer some up-to-date rates to make your paper really helpful.

  13. How to find a job while you are still in college.
  14. Interview several business owners to find out what they are looking for in their employees and how open they are to hiring students.

  15. How to raise a good kid.
  16. Start with defining what you think a “good kid” is. List the mistakes that should be avoided.

  17. How to drive with a madman on the road.
  18. There are plenty of reckless drivers out there, so providing a strategy on how to avoid an accident with this kind of individual is definitely helpful and important.

  19. How to teach your parrot talk.
  20. Explain what differences in approaches you need to use depending on the type of the bird.

  21. How to reduce stress when moving house.
  22. How to integrate into a new community.

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