Essay Help Online: 5 Tips on How to Organize Your Paper

A strong paper must have a well-defined structure. It doesn’t matter what your topic is or how good and persuasive are your arguments if the essay lacks organization, you will never get a high grade for it. This is why you should develop an outline (plan) of the paper before you even start working on it.

There is also another important benefit to creating an outline as this will help you write the essay faster. When you have the plan of the paper mapped out, you will not waste time delving in some other areas during the research. Therefore, the writing process as a whole will be more efficient.

There are no definite rules on how you should go about organizing your paper, but the following five tips will help you create a good outline:

  1. Always start with some preliminary research.
  2. You need to actually have some idea about the things you will need to include in the paper before you decide on its structure. This means that you need to do some reading in order to determine which arguments will be the strongest and how they should be introduced.

  3. Do not stick to the chronological order.
  4. Regardless of whether you write about some historical period or a literary work, you don’t actually have to present the events you describe in the chronological order.

    In some cases, this can be a welcome solution, for example history essays usually seem more logical this way. However, in many situations you can make a stronger impression by twisting the timeline a bit. In general, it is advised to start the essay with presenting your strongest arguments.

  5. Research the genre and type of the assigned essay.
  6. There are some specific guidelines for different types of papers, like book reviews or character analysis essays. This means that you should research your assignment first in order to understand what parts must be included in your paper. Next, you can start organizing your essay in a way that will both follow the rules and make the strongest impact on the reader.

  7. Make sure that all the paragraphs are connected.
  8. Although it consists of several parts, your paper is a single entity that aims to convince the readers that your point of view is correct. This means that every paragraph must advance the original argument.

  9. Use cards instead of notes.
  10. Create cards during your research, so it will be easier for you to organize them in accordance with the outline. Sorting through a notebook will take a lot more tme and effort on your part.

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