Writing A Good Evaluation Essay On School Uniforms

Essays often create a panic in many students. The problem is, if a student is going to continue on to college, he better get used to them. You will write close to a hundred essays in college and high school is a way of preparing you for that daunting task. The more you write, the easier it will get. Once you learn about the parameters of the different works, you will find they really aren’t that hard. All you need to do is follow a system and articles will become easy. This one you have been asked to write is an evaluation essay on school uniforms. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish this task with the greatest of ease.

What is an evaluation essay?

An evaluation essay is like a review of something. In this case, you are reviewing school uniforms. Since you have the topic, a big part of your job is done. Your job in this type of essay is to explain what the criteria of the topic is, what your judgement is based on the criteria, and finally the evidence you have to support your judgement. It is really very straightforward and one of the easiest assignments of this type you can have.


In this step of the essay you need to establish the guidelines of what a good uniform is. Explain what they should represent, how they should look, the quality, and what pieces are included for male and female students. This is where you need to research to make sure you have the information correct. This is generally a broad description that would encompass all school uniforms.


In this step you describe how your school uniforms held up to the criteria. Go through what you laid out in your criteria and evaluate how your particular uniforms stood up to each element of your criteria. Remember to remain objective and keep your opinion out of it. Be as formal as possible.


In this step you need to give supporting evidence for the judgements you made. If you said the quality of the material of the uniforms was inferior, you need to give evidence of that. You need evidence for every judgement you made.

Your evaluation essay should have an introduction that briefly tells your overall judgement of the topic. Then you need a paragraph for criteria, judgement, and evidence. Then end with a conclusion restating your judgement and possibly offering some help if it was inferior or praise if it was superior.

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