A List of Unique Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

If you have been assigned to write a persuasive essay in college, consider yourself lucky! You get to express your opinion, on a topic you are excited about, through your perspective. However, for your essay to be a strong one you need to choose a subject, you are not only interested in, but also have detailed knowledge about. Try to avoid generic and broad topics. Saying anything new on those is almost impossible, and it’s originality that usually gets highly appraised by tutors. Convey the research, figure out what sparks your interest, and write about it from your own viewpoint. If you still have only a vague idea of what a unique persuasive essay topic looks like, check these ideas:

  1. Why working while studying can harm your education process?
  2. Most of today’s high school students have part-time jobs. But can a person combine the two well?

  3. Should some practical classes be considered as relevant work experience?
  4. College offers a lot of effective classes on how to apply your skills to practical problems. Should employers take the results of those trainings into account when hiring a person?

  5. Alcohol on college campuses: should it be allowed for students over 21?
  6. Will letting students drink in the dorms, on a state level, take away the charm of breaking the law?

  7. Why is it important for scholars to have free access to the college’s sports facilities?
  8. The amount of sitting the students endure during the day can be excruciating. Should the school board provide opportunities for exercise to its students?

  9. Internship vs. working when studying: which is better for your future career?
  10. Express your views on which one is considered to be more effective in the long-term perspective.

  11. Should the U.S. cut down its drinking age to follow the rest of the world?
  12. Most people start drinking before they reach 21, so should the government face the reality and change its laws?

  13. Advertising healthy eating: can it lead to depression in the younger generation?
  14. Young adults are extremely anxious to follow modern trends. Do they need a constant reminder from the TV?

  15. Why should we get rid of the standard testing system?
  16. Do standard tests really evaluate your knowledge? Support your opinion with scientific research data.

  17. Students should have more chances to travel while still at school.
  18. Traveling can help people experience incredible things they’ve only read about before. So, how can we make it more possible?

  19. Why should tattoos prevent you from getting a high paid job?
  20. How do you think someone’s skin design defines his or her personality? Should employers see past the looks?

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