Composing A Great Problem And Solution Essay For 5th Grade Students

5th grade students are at a time in their lives where they are getting to learn about analytical procedure, learning about how to deal with some of the strongest papers, handle topics and so forth. When asked to come up with a good paper on a problem and solution module, it is important to understand the most critical elements of this kind of work, so that when you are through with it, you can look back and see how much progress you have made.

The context of this paper is to make sure that the student is able to critically look at things and see a problem, and from there try to find a solution for that problem and put it in writing. As a student the first thing that you need to do for such a task is to visualize the problem and the end result. Think about what happens once the problem manifests, who or what things are affected by the problem, and finally consider a possible solution that can make the problem go away.

As you think of these things, make sure that you have a notebook with you or some scrap paper where you jot down some notes on the major points, the highlights and anything else that might come to mind. Remember that while you are doing this, it will also make your work easier, considering that you get to focus on the major points that you will put through as you decide on how to go on with the task at hand.

Finally once you have outlined everything, proceed to writing the paper, one chapter at a time. With the notes that you already have, it becomes easier for you to put down a few lines, one paragraph at a time and then build on from there. Pay a lot of emphasis on the topic sentence of every paragraph, so that every single paragraph presents a new and unique idea, and keeps you from repeating concepts as you keep on writing.

In as much as this is a problem and solution essay, you must understand that the concept of a normal paper will still apply. This means that your paper must have an introduction, a very good one for that matter, and when you are done with the paper, pen a good conclusion.

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