Writing A Decent One-Page Essay On Environment

If you are assigned to write one-page essay on environment, it doesn’t mean that you will easily do the assignment. In fact, one-page essay is quite challenging to write. The most challenging is that you have to put all the parts in only one page. So, you have to write introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. You can put all these parts in one page by careful organization and planning. Regarding format, you can use Harvard or APA style for your environment paper. These are the steps to writing a one-page paper for environment.

  • Brainstorm for ideas
  • The first thing to do is to brainstorm for ideas. Environment is all around us. Think what fascinates you from environment. Then think what are you interested in. You have to be interested in the topic you are writing about in order to add your own tone to the text.

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Before writing anything, read the instructions your professor gave. They are telling what he is expecting from your writing. He might give extra points, or deduct points for not meeting the appropriate requirements.

  • Main points
  • Make an outline of the main points. Be careful because you should leave only two or three. Choose the points that you can explain in a few sentences. Think of a thesis statement on the basis of the main points.

  • Create draft of the introduction
  • The introduction is important to get the reader interested in the writing. Therefore, you should use your creativity here. Say anecdote related to the topic, or ask a question to introduce the topic and to tickle readers’ curiosity. Then, move smoothly towards the thesis statement that comes at the end of the introduction paragraph.

  • Develop your main ideas in body paragraphs and write conclusion
  • Think of very short development to avoid writing a paper that will be too long. Anyway, it’s perfectly normal for your first draft to be long, because you are not used to such length. Remember to develop your main points and keep to your thesis statement.

    Conclusion should be paraphrase of the topic, main ideas and the thesis statement. Of course, if you set a question in the introduction, it is time to give the answer to it here. However, bear in mind that you have to be short.

Since it is a one-page text, you should do some editing until you finish with all parts. You have to rearrange sentences and trim unnecessary parts. Keep to the requirements.

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