Academic guidelines for students dealing with essay writing

Essay writing varies as you can write an essay on different topics. You can write different types of essays and have similar expectations by your instructor. But writing an essay is something you are required to do at some point in your academic learning. You provide insight on a topic with opinion-based information and reliable sources. Here are some guidelines to help you write good academic essays while simplifying the process.

  • Find examples to study. To improve your skills and understand what is expected of you, review example essays. You can find them through databases that collect this type of academic work. You can view essays on different topics and formats.

  • Practice. Essay writing is considered a writing exercise. You will only get better if you practice. You can write small sample pieces to get you started. As you practice more with developing different elements of the writing process, you will begin to see how you can deal with essay writing in your own way.

  • Read guidelines for your essay carefully. As you write different essays you will see sometimes what is required will vary slightly. Some essays will be longer than others, or you will need to provide specific detail. Pay close attention to this information as it will help you write your content effectively.

  • Find useful information on how to write strong thesis statements. There are how-to articles and related writing information available on how to write a good essay. This information may also detail the importance of a solid thesis statement. Since this is your main idea behind the work you need to develop this content with concise information and be able to prove it.

  • Know how to grab reader’s attention with a good hook. A hook is what starts your essay at the beginning. This sentence can be a quote, fact or question. There are different ways to get readers hooked to your content. It may vary depending on the type of essay you are writing.

  • Understand what evidence is needed for your main idea. This means you need to know credible sources for your topic and how to pick out useful data to include.

  • Review how to successfully conclude a topic. The conclusion can be a tricky part of the essay, but keep in mind its purpose. It should close your topic while leaving readers with something meaningful.

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