How To Improve English Essay Writing Skills: 5 Good Techniques

This is a concern for majority of the students because no matter how hard they try, they cannot score an A in their assignment. Every time they expect a top grade but the teacher points out some areas that could have been better. This can get frustrating and may even lower your motivations if you do not succeed to score well even after trying hard. The solution is to improve your writing skills first and then focus on the actual writing. This is critical because if you have developed a skill, you have not wasted time. No one can take away a skill from you once you have learned it. Once you know how to write well, you cannot write poor. The key to scoring well in your essay or for that matter any other assignment is to have a good hold of writing skills and the language that you are writing in. English is not a tough language to learn if you stick to some basic rules. You have to practice these rules so that you get familiar with them and continue writing better. Here are five great techniques that will help you increase your writing skills

  1. Read a lot
  2. The first thing and the most important one for all writers is to read. A great writer is the one who reads a lot. Regardless of the subject or assignment type, read everything that you can get your hands on. While expert written assignments show you how to write well, poor essays can also help you identify the mistakes that you should avoid in your writing. Whenever you have free time, grab something and start reading. It can make wonders

  3. Work on grammar and punctuation
  4. No matter how strong your vocabulary is or how good you are at a certain subject, if you make mistakes in grammar and punctuation, you will lose the overall impression. This is critical and most students lose potential marks because of it

  5. Practice writing on different subjects
  6. Do not stick to one subject when you write. Try to attempt various assignments on a variety of subjects. In the beginning, it might seem tough but you will get better with time

  7. Compare your writings
  8. Compare what you write with what you have previously written and with expert written papers

  9. Note the time when you write
  10. See the word count you write in an average hour

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