5 Tips To Consider Looking For A Free Essay On The Life In A Big City

Students love to write essays on life in the big city. There is so much material from which they can draw inspiration, and so many varying opinions on how to interpret different factors, that you could search forever and never find two essays which are exactly alike. The web abounds with free essays that will save you from wasting your valuable time writing them yourself, but here are 5 tips to consider when you are looking for just one:

  • Free does not mean "good": Writers make a good living at what they do. I am quite satisfied with the money I earn, but I do a good job of writing what my clients are looking for. Would I write something for you for free? No. Why? Because I deserve to be compensated for my time. Be very careful with free stuff. There is almost always a catch somewhere!
  • How is the accuracy: When you find an essay, don't just assume it can be printed off and handed in. You actually need to read it first. If you don't take the time to go all the way through it, it may be your teacher who notices that while the first few paragraphs are fine, once you hit the middle section it looks like someone with the attention span of a gnat wrote it - nothing makes any sense and it jumps all over the place. You saved hours not actually doing the writing - give yourself ten minutes to read it.
  • Has someone else already claimed it?: Plagiarism checkers are great but they have their limits. For example, they will not be able to tell you if someone else just handed in the exact same thing less than an hour ago. When I am writing, even if the topic requires no research on my part, I still run it through as a matter of course. After all, I am not the only person who can think things up. Be very careful handing in free stuff you have not done yourself!
  • Does it agree with your personal views?: It may be a long shot, but if you are well-known for certain views, such as being a proponent of off-the-grid living, it may raise some eyebrows if you turn in a paper which touts your dream off living in the big city. Keep it relative to what you believe in to avoid problems.
  • Can you adapt it with simple changes? It is very possible that you may find the perfect free essay just waiting for you to grab. Word to the wise - make changes throughout the writing so that it was actually "written" by you.

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