Etiquette in Football

Etiquette plays a significant role in all spheres of human life and refers to socially acceptable and responsible behaviour of society or group members. Etiquette in sport, especially in sports games like football, is as much important as the rules of the game themselves. Football is a tough sport and the nature of the game is aggressive and characterized by hard contacts which often cause fights and taunting not only among the players but among their fans as well. Following the good manners is also required from football fans as their behavoiur can influence outcome of the game. The importance of the norms of etiquette can be hardly exaggerated though they don’t have law power like official regulations of the game of football do.

The actual rules of the game of football are fixed, but the unwritten set of rules aimed at conducting the game in a fair and respectful way is defined as etiquette. The basic rules of the football etiquette are polite behaviours by players that show respect for the opponents and graciousness in winning or losing. For example, post-game handshake: football matches traditionally end with meeting of the head coaches at midfield and shaking hands. Another rule of football etiquette: normally, players kick the ball out of field if another player is injured so that they can get medicine or whatever; the team that kicked the ball out, then get it back to throw in when play restarts.

Such examples of polite and respectful behaviour during the game of football are also called sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is a positive attitude about competing that is shown by the athletes and their coaches. On the contrary, gamesmanship, as the practice of winning a game by doing things that are not actually against the rules but, in fact, are unfair and rude, is highly disapproved. The main purpose of etiquette in football is to develop spirit of sportsmanship in football players. Football coaches are highly recommended to commend their athletes for sportsmanship and following the norms of etiquette and encourage these behaviours and attitudes at all levels of play.

Football etiquette is a hot issue and is being developed. For example, in Great Britain, the country where football is passionately loved national sport, FA (Football Association) established England etiquette in football players code of conduct in 2012. There are details about norms and standards that are expected of players at all time, with warnings against discrimination, violence, abuse, insulting comments on Facebook or Twitter about the opposition. Breaking the standards can lead to disciplinary action.

In conclusion, it is worth to mention that etiquette is a necessary and important part of the game of football that refers to both athletes and their fans. Rules of football etiquette contribute greatly into creating safe, friendly and respectful atmosphere during the game and make communication based on respect, fairness and tolerance real.

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