Good Advice On How To Write A 7th Grade Expository Essay

When you get to the 7th grade, the previously simple and enjoyable writing exercises become a little bit more challenging. This is to prepare you for the highly academic writing tasks that will be part of your later years in high school and college. One of the most common homework types that your teacher will give you is the expository essay. This is a type of writing that requires you to outline the details of a particular process, describe a person or an event. Here are some guidelines to help you compose the best papers.

Choose a good topic

Choose a topic that has the following qualities:

  • The ability to inform and educate people
  • The ability to entertain people.
  • Relevance to the day to day experiences that people undergo.

You can ask a person who is of a higher level in education to assist you come up with a topic that captures the qualities mentioned above.

Plan ideas before writing

In case you want to describe a process, you need to take time and learn, understand and synthesize the process itself before you try explaining it to another person. When you are convinced that you have understood the process, create a plan on how you are going to describe it in the essay. Include the following important parts in the paper.

  • An introduction: This will be like a simple description of what the paper will talk about, the main ideas that will be put forward.
  • A claim or hypothesis: This is a claim that you will put forward and then try to prove it in the paper. For instance, if you are writing a paper on global warming, a claim or hypothesis can be ‘Agricultural chemicals are the major cause of pollution”. When you have a statement like this one, you will then spend the entire paper trying to prove or disprove.
  • The exposition: This is the main body of the essay. Here, you give all the arguments that support your claim. You use examples, statistics and diagrams to back your claims.
  • The conclusion: This comes after you have exposed all the evidence supporting your claim. The conclusion will be a summary of the major points put across. In this stage, you will also state your stand or give a final direction.
  • Those are some steps that can help you with your writing homework. With the guidance of an experienced writer, term work will be manageable.

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