4 Places Where You Should Look for a Free Essay Example

If you are new to essay writing, you might have no idea of where to look for quality examples. Similarly, you might need a sample on a relatively uncommon topic. There are multiple resources offering custom or pre-written papers for sale, but they are rather costly. Instead of spending your money without any guarantee of getting a really great example, check the four places below for good and free samples.

  1. Your tutor’s archive.
  2. Your instructor might have on file the best essays submitted in this course by other students. Most likely, he or she will allow you to have a look at them if you ask. Studying these examples, you will be able to see which language, reasoning, and ways of presentation are appreciated by your tutor. No other way of getting free essays will grant such an opportunity. However, you might be allowed to work with these papers only in the class, so prepare a notebook and pen.

  3. School library.
  4. Although underestimated by many students, a school or college library can assist your search in a variety of ways. Firstly, it might contain student papers previously submitted in your course. Secondly, your library probably has books on essay writing that incorporate some of the best samples. What is most important, you can borrow any of these books or papers for free.

  5. Writing center.
  6. If your school has a writing center, you definitely should visit there in search of quality examples. One of the main purposes of such centers is to teach students to write good papers, and they use relevant samples to do it. You can not only borrow a sample to read it and take notes on your own, but also practice essay writing with a group of peers and listen to lectures by experts.

  7. Google.
  8. Search engines are tools with the help of which you can find virtually anything. Google “free essay” plus your topic, and you will get lots of links. Not all of these examples might be relevant, not all of them will boast high quality, but with such a great choice, you can always select several decent ones to use. Be ready to skim through lots of web pages, and you will probably discover a few really awesome essays that you can download for free. If you get tired passing by too much irrelevant links, you can refine your search by adding file or website type limitations, or taking your topic into double quotes.

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