A Few Fresh Ideas for Writing Essays on Philosophy of Education

College students who want to become teachers need to have a well written essay about their own philosophy of education. This essay provides closure to the lengthy journey towards earning an education degree and it will help students make the transition from college student to employed educator. Teacher candidates will need to answer questions about their personal philosophy of education when they interview for positions at schools, so it is important that they are write their essay from their heart and with the best research possible.

Create an Essay with Current Teaching Knowledge

Education has changed significantly over the past few decades, especially with the advent of the Internet in the 1990s. Now, education is no longer focused just on writing, reading, and mathematics. Any good philosophy of education essay needs to include ideas about technology. The essay should also include thoughts on student and teacher relationships. Here are a few other ideas to focus on for a timely essay about educational philosophy for students who wish to become a teacher in a class ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade:

  • Working with children living in poverty
  • Working with children who cannot read at their grade level
  • Managing technology in the classroom
  • Flipping the class
  • Reading strategies in the classroom
  • Beliefs in grading
  • Preparing students for high stakes testing
  • Knowledge about required curriculum
  • Involving parents and guardians
  • Importance of personal curriculum
  • Relationships between teachers and administrators
  • Knowledge of classroom management techniques

Know Your Philosophy Before Interview for Student Teacher Placements

These topics are important to the success of new and veteran teachers. While new teachers only have their experience during student teaching, they should have a good idea of how they will begin their first experiences in their own classrooms. There are many schools that require students to write their philosophy of education essays before they are even considered for placement in a student teaching program. The veteran teachers often want to know what student teachers will be bringing to their rooms considering that those student teachers will be taking over their students’ education.

Write a Professional Quality Essay

The philosophy of education essay should be written in a professional style that shows your quality of work. You should be sure to include well written paragraphs with topic sentence and strong examples. The introduction should include a powerful thesis and the conclusion should restate your thoughts.

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