25 Persuasive Speech Essay Topics For High School Students

Writing a speech essay is an art not everyone can master. This requires you to develop your stance and speak for or against a certain topic. You should not talk about something that is a universal fact or generally accepted statement. The purpose of a speech essay is to talk about an arguable topic. You need to develop an argument and convince your readers to your ideas. If you choose, a topic that no one has disagreement with then there will be no point in a speech. It is exactly the same thing as writing a persuasive assignment. You need to be able to persuade your audience by giving them strong evidence and logical arguments to prove your point.

It can be difficult to finalize a topic for your speech when you have plenty of ideas to choose from. Remember, you need to talk about something recent, new, exciting and unique. Students who copy topics from other places never ace the assignment or impress their teachers. If you are having trouble in understanding the format or structure for your topic, then you have landed to the right place. Below is a list of twenty-five speech essay topics for high school and college students that can solve your problem. It is not necessary that you find all of them interesting but you can then choose the one that suits you the best or reverse one of these

Top argumentative topics for a speech essay in high school

  • 1. Should students have homework
  • 2. Should teacher also have a uniform
  • 3. What role does the government play in causing unemployment
  • 4. Is Capitalism better or worse than feudalism or Marxism
  • 5. Is drug usage to earn better grades a good idea?
  • 6. Is there a possible relationship between financial situations and divorce?
  • 7. Should there be a way to monitor if a teen is drunk and driving
  • 8. Does religion allow or support oppression of one gender
  • 9. Should the government control buying and selling of ammunition
  • 10. Does war effect the economy in a good way or bad
  • 11. Urban life is better than rural life
  • 12. Village life is pure and healthier than that in a city
  • 13. People change because of the circumstances
  • 14. Circumstances change because of people
  • 15. Sport celebrities are paid higher than they deserve
  • 16. College athletes should be paid
  • 17. Police and nurses should have higher wage
  • 18. Students should not have cellphones on campus
  • 19. Dog is a better pet than a cat
  • 20. Cat is a better pet than a dog
  • 21. A house is better property than a car
  • 22. Investing money needs entrepreneurial skills
  • 23. Math is irrelevant in practical life
  • 24. Biology is a boring subject
  • 25. Freelance is better than a regular job

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