Searching for a Free Argumentative Essay Example

It is really important that you understand the structure or object of an argumentative essay. If you are looking for a free argumentative essay example and you don't understand the requirements or fundamentals of that type of piece of writing, then you will struggle to find the ideal example. Know the structure of an argumentative essay.

You must have a topic which is divisive. A bland topic, one which does not divide public opinion and do so seriously is not an ideal argumentative essay topic. Then when you have the right type of topic, the writer needs to choose one side of the divide. Having chosen that particular angle, have they used facts and not emotion to support their argument? As an added bonus, have they been able to debunk the argument of the other side? If they can do that as well and by mounting a strong case for their argument then you may well have found an excellent example of an argumentative essay.

Where should I search?

There are some resources you may be surprised to know about which are very close to home. The teacher who gave you the assignment of writing an argumentative essay may well have a collection of such essays produced by their students down the years. There is no harm and no cost in asking your teacher if you may examine these essay examples. Likewise the librarian at your school or college may also have examples or know where you can find them. Remember that in finding them you need to be sure that they obtain or set a standard of quality. You learn from the best examples and not from poor examples.

Of course the greatest resource is found online. There are thousands of free argumentative essay examples to be found on websites. These can be academic institutions which post the work of their students or they could be individuals such as teachers who do the same sort of thing. Of course you will find an abundance of examples on websites of commercial companies which offer the service of writing argumentative essay examples. They will show samples of the work they have produced.

So the searching part is relatively easy but the tricky part is making sure that what you find is worth finding. You will not learn from lousy examples. You will benefit from studying the work of people who know how to write an excellent argumentative essay.

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