Choosing Unexplored Opinion Essay Topics for 5th Graders

Accomplishing a research for your essay can be truly be a tough work and you have to ensure that your chosen topic is quite unique from everyone else’s composition. In addition, it can be enticing to go for a more familiar subject to talk about; however, you may find it tiresome looking for information which you and your reader already know.

Grade 5 students must already be capable of composing well-written and persuading opinion form of composition. To come up with an unexplored subject that is effective and informative, the writer must learn how to state his or her point of view, be able to provide supporting details as well as facts in a very organized structure. Aside from these, you must also know how to utilize suitable reasoning words and assumptions and carry it out with an outstanding concluding statement.

Here are some to-be-considered subjects which you can use for your writing:

  • Global Issues
  • Even though reducing waste, recycling, reusing, litter and pollution can be considered as great subjects to talk about for any age, grade 5 pupils are considered old enough to understand the essence of the subject while still holding an innocent perspective of the condition of the planet we live in at present.

    This subject will surely encourage students to explore into the issue and broaden their understanding of the impact people have in this world. Who knows a simple composition will not only be a simple assigned task from school but something that will also enlighten their minds to do some real actions to help save the earth.

  • Social Media
  • Students today are so hooked with social media. You may ask them to compose and research about the advantages and disadvantages of a particular social media which they are especially interested in or what they think the appropriate age is to have full access to these sites.

    Moreover, students may be asked to write about their perspective on cyber bullying, if this is considered an issue and how this issue can be solved. This composition’s final draft must produce some engrossing perspectives and exemplary arguments.

  • School Subjects
  • Students in grade 5 level already have views when it comes to the policy of the school they go to. Sometimes, they even question some of these policies. So, it would be great to ask them to write about their perspectives regarding this scope such as the worst and best school policies, what would they change if they are the school principal, is having dress code crucial in school and what about giving students homework? Each point of view must be supported by a minimum of 3 facts or some pieces of evidence to back it up.

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