Free Writing Help: A List of Outstanding Essay Topics

Writing essays can be a little tricky when you approach them without any clear idea of the stuff you would like to cover. But if you begin freewriting on a topic you truly enjoy, you may find that writing essays become quite essay. Here is a list of outstanding essay topics that will get your creative juices flowing and have you freewriting in no time:

  • Cell phones in high schools and middle schools: Should students be allowed to carry cellphones at school, considering that if used properly cell phones are helpful forms of communication between parents and their children?
  • Mandatory community service: Should citizens be required to complete at least one year of community service or will it simply drive more people to be less supportive to community causes in order to avoid participation?
  • Raising the driving age to twenty-one: Harm and death caused by car accidents in which a young driver was behind the wheel remains at high rates. Should this be enough to consider raising the legal limit?
  • Gym Grades and GPA: Should the grades that one earns in gym class affect ones GPA and potentially put them at risk from professional success? Consider questions about the rising cost of health care.
  • Teenage girls and boy sports: There has long been a debate about whether girls should be allowed to play in boy sports. Consider safety issues and what this means to school insurance and issues of fairness against both boys and girls?
  • Birth control and parental permission: Should female students be allowed to access and use birth-control without their parents’ permissions? Consider that many teenagers are better now at considering safety issues than they were two decades ago.
  • Content on the internet restrictions: Should content that is posted on the internet be met with more federal or governmental regulations or restrictions? What does this do to our perceptions of free speech?
  • Cyber-bullying and school suspensions: Should students be prevented from attending school in the form of a suspension if they have been accused or found guilty of cyber-bullying? Is this really a school matter or a private matter that should be controlled at home?
  • Corporate advertising in schools: One could say that we are close to open corporate advertising in schools. But is this the direction we should take or should we fight back before it’s open and clear?
  • Celebrities and crimes: Should celebrities face harsher penalties for crimes they commit? Should they be punished less than the general public?

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