How to Select Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics: Free Advice

Topic selection is the first stage of essay writing which demands your thoroughness and sincere involvement.

What is a cause and effect essay?

A cause and effect essay establishes a relationship between a given set of variables and studies their impact on each other. The causes and effects may involve some event or phenomenon. It may involve a chain of events or a single event and its impact on certain variables.

For example:

  1. How does listening to music help manage mood swings in adolescents?
  2. Are beauty pageants leaving a negative impact on our youth?

What is the basic structure of a cause and effect essay?

A simple cause and effect essay starts off with a thesis statement which reflects the intent of your entire essay in just a few compelling words. Once the thesis statement has been formulated it becomes easier for you to breakdown your topic into few variables and hence you can establish a relationship between them. You introduce these variables, describe their relationship and write a literature review which involves work of scholars and renowned authors. Next up you’re supposed to analyze your variables in light of the theory you just wrote above and what practically happens in the world. Your paper ends up with a conclusion which connects your analysis to the rest of your essay and if you see some room for improvement you recommend few.

How to select a good cause and effect essay topic?

  1. You start off with the initial research which can either be done online over journal stores or popular websites or you could go offline to libraries or consult print magazines, grammar books etc.
  2. Pick up 5 of your favorite topics based on your judgment and writing and thinking capabilities. Make sure the topics you choose are searchable and the data is frequently available.
  3. In order to arrive at a single topic you have to evaluate your topics and see which one you’re most comfortable writing on.
  4. Having chosen the topic you must refine it now. Consult a dictionary or thesaurus to add fancy adjectives and make it seem really catchy and compelling.
  5. Have someone else read it for you and take their opinion on whether to refine it further.

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