An academic manual on essay writing techniques you should definitely use

If you want to write a great essay, consider this academic manual on essay writing techniques that you can apply to every paper you have.

As you write, remember that the thesis is one of the most important components. The thesis is going to be the backbone of your essay, so make sure to state it in your introduction. Also ensure it is referred to multiple times in your essay before you demonstrate exactly how it was proven in your conclusion.

  • Plan out a response.
  • Order all of your ideas logically and play around with the order until you find the right balance. Ensure each of your points are relevant to the prompt and to your thesis. Once your plan has been written, you should have a clear idea of where your essay is going.

  • Write your introduction.
  • Start the discussion with the introduction. This is where you should introduce your thesis and where you should indicate how you are going to answer or respond to the prompt. If you are discussing any text in particular for this paper, name them here. Make sure to engage your reader.

  • Write out the main body of your text.
  • You should make sure that each point you present has its own paragraph. Use phrases or words at the beginning of your paragraph which indicate how the new paragraph will relate to the previous one. Some suggestions include words like “moreover” or “nevertheless” or “in addition”. When you start a new paragraph, make sure to start with a topic sentence which clearly links your paragraph to the remainder of your essay. Provide supporting evidence that backs up every point you make in your paragraphs. Revisit your thesis and emphasize how you are addressing the prompt in your body text.

  • Write your conclusion.
  • This is where you summarize the main ideas you presented in the essay. It is where you demonstrate the manner in which you have proven your thesis and finish with a relevant, interesting, and thought provoking comment.

  • Edit your draft when it is finished.
  • Check it over once for spelling, once for punctuation, and once for grammar. Get rid of sections that are not really relevant. Your word count is precious, so be careful with your choices. Change your vocabulary as necessary to better present your argument or impress your teacher.

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