How to Make the Grade In Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

In order to write a great cause and effect essay you will need to find a scenario in which one event or action caused specific things to occur, then explain what exactly took place and why. In essence, you are identifying patterns, explaining why things turned out a certain way, and offering a reasonable prediction of why things will happen again. Here is how to make the grade in writing a great cause and effect essay:

Determine Your Direction:

The first step is establishing whether you are going to be talking about the causes, effects of something or if you will be analyzing both. The difference in each of these is that you will have one of three different formats to follow. Deciding this before you start your paper will allow you to focus on just those aspects when you are brainstorming and creating an outline.

Write a Clear Thesis:

No essay would be complete without a well-crafted, well-thought thesis statement. Your thesis statement should inform your reader of the purpose of your paper. Again, you should first determine your direction then have your thesis state in plain and simple English what you will be writing about. Your thesis statement will usually come at the end of your introductory paragraph, following a few sentences providing a background of your topic.

Follow a Patter of Organization:

There are two simple ways to organize this kind of essay: the first is chronologically, which discusses the cause and effect in the order that events occur, and the second is emphatically, which reserves the most significant or strongest cause or effect until the end of the paper. Your topic will determine which of these two patterns is more appropriate.

Use Transitions:

Transitional words or phrases are extremely important in these papers as they help the reader follow your logic more clearly. Finish each paragraph with a lead into the next topic (whether it’s another cause, effect or both) and start the following paragraph with a statement tying-in to the previous statement. This will make your paper much easier to understand, thus increasing your chances of getting a good grade.

Draw a Compelling Conclusion:

Your conclusion should restate your thesis statement in fresh terms. Additionally, it should summarize and synthesize the major point of your paper. You will need to put all of your information together and reach a conclusion concerning the causes or effects you have presented.

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