How To Organize A School Compare And Contrast Essay Properly

There are a number of requirements when writing a compare and contrast essay correctly. The key points that you must follow when writing this type of essay are to identify and compare at least three points that at least two subjects have in common and develop a thesis that shows your stance on the two or more subjects. You can either choose a block approach or a point by point approach amongst others. The two main styles are organised differently.

1- Block approach

When choosing the block approach, you must discuss one subject and then the other. The structure will go something like this:


Introduce both subjects and write in a way that will lead to your dissertation argument

Body paragraphs

The number of paragraphs you write will completely depend on the number of key points you are discussing for each subject and how many subjects you have chosen to write about. You will be expected to write each point of the first subject in separate paragraphs and then move on to the next subject.


You will then move onto your conclusion where you will have to compare both subjects without repeating yourself. This will involve you comparing both the similarities and the differences.

2- Point by point approach

This approach is better if you are required to write a longer more in-depth essay. The structure is different in that you will need to write one point about each subject before moving on to the next point.


The introduction is the same as in the block approach


In this style of compare and contrast essay, you will be dividing your paragraphs into points. This will involve you writing one point about each subject and then moving on to the next point. In each point, you will not only be making a comparison but analyzing each subject according to the point that you will be making.


The conclusion is once again the same as in the block style of writing a comparison and contrast essay. Once again you will be required to write the similarities and differences between both subjects without repeating any claims or adding any information you forgot in the key points.

There are a number of ways: choose the right one for your essay

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