Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay

What is a critical analysis essay?

Critical analysis essay is an academic piece of writing where you will be given a literature piece/art/painting to analyze its main arguments. Writing such an article requires lots of reading, analyzing and assembling evidences like a reviewer. This is a challenging piece of work that is mainly assigned to students of first year of college.

Step-by-step guide to write critical analysis essay

  • Read the material thoroughly and make notes
  • The first and foremost step towards writing a great significant article is to study the body of work thoroughly. If it’s a film or painting, then also you should understand the background and why it’s still relevant today. Once you are done analyzing the subject, you need to make notes on the crucial points that reveal -author’s perspective and argument. This is a lengthy process that may require frequent library-visits by you.

  • Identify the type of influence it has on the readers
  • While you are done going through the body of work, you need to analyze what type of appeals the piece may have on readers- ethos, pathos or logos. Are you convinced with the arguments by the author? Then this is certainly ethos- as ethos is the feelings of conviction and credibility. Are you feeling emotional after reading through it? Then the piece has been able to evoke pathos inside the reader. And if you connect with it logically, then it’s certainly logos.

  • Start the article with a summary
  • Before introduction, you may start off the essay with a summary. The summary should hold the significance behind the title of the piece of literature/painting/film, apart from its context. You may also put up the summary next to the introduction. It definitely depends upon the format, which has been directed on the students.

  • Keep the introduction catchy
  • The introduction should be the most attractive part of your critique, so start it with a bang. In the introduction, mention the importance of the body of work among its peers, it relevance in contemporary world and on what grounds you are going to evaluate it.

  • Dish out important points in subsequent paragraphs
  • The subsequent paragraphs must hold the main points-of-argument of the author and your evaluation regarding them. Dedicate each paragraph for different points. Number of paragraphs will depend upon the word limit.

  • Edit and proofread diligently
  • Once you are done wiring the article, keep editing and proof reading till you hit the optimal satisfaction. This is perhaps the most crucial part of making the article flawless.

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