The Things They Carried: Top 5 College Essay Topics

If you need to write a paper about the book “ The things they carried” you need to be aware of the most important aspects of the book. Not only that you need to watch out for the usual requirements of an essay, but you also need to introduce interesting facts about the book and the author and to get solid knowledge on the subject especially because it is a very complex piece of art. If you have a hard time finding a suitable topic that evolves around this book, take a look at our suggestions. Here are the top 5 college essay topics about this book:

  1. Analyze the main characters- Since the narrator of the book is also protagonist, this will not be very difficult. Choose your favorite character and make a descriptive essay, talking about the main features, the role in the conflicts of the book and what got your attention about this specific character.
  2. The structure, story and details of Alpha Company- Tell a little bit about every character of the Company, the power structure that you noticed inside it and how it slowly falls apart with every death. This Company meant something different for every character, so describe it also from their perspective.
  3. The theme of the book- This is one of the topics that can’t miss from a literature course. You have plenty of information to analyze. If you want, you can introduce in your essay a few symbols from the book and a short description of each. The war is a fascinating theme to explore and you can even expand the topic and bring more information about Vietnam or confessions of people who fought there.
  4. The role that women had in the book- With this topic you will clearly gain the sympathy of your professor, as it is uncommon for a student to choose such a delicate and strict topic for an essay. Talk about each feminine character and how they influenced the action. Very often small roles can prove to have a bigger impact than we think.
  5. The war of Vietnam- Extract all the information about the war from the book and put together a presentation based on what you found out from the book compared with reality. Are these informations accurate? Can we consider the story a real War Journal and if no, why?

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